I’ve had Smacksoft‘s album for a long time and never reviewed it. After listening to Follow Your Heart and wondering if my memory of the band’s sound was the same, I found Shines in the Dark again to find out. Shines in the Dark is definitely Smacksoft when they were in a different place.

smacksoft shines in the dark

The mixture of electronics, synth, and core rock arrangements is still present on the album, but it doesn’t have the same “weight” that Follow Your Heart had. The songs on Shines in the Dark are a bit more upbeat and feature more of instrument sounds that are accented by extra synth.

Smacksoft’s sound on the album is still excellent, with Whang Bo Ryung‘s vocals mixing with the melodies even though her voice isn’t truly melodic. The distinct vocals that she has do have a lot of weight because of how she can adapt her voice to sound appropriate on any song.

“Soar” is my favorite song on the album because it has the most standard rock sound from the band. It’s not exactly punk, though it shows points in that direction. Shines in the Dark is an amazing album from Smacksoft, it sounds a little standard at first but on a second playthough all the amazing things about the music emerge.

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