I found the The Lads by accident, attending a show to watch another band. The Lads were the band before and I stuck around to listen to what the band would sound like. From their differing clothing style, I had no idea what to expect. But The Lads put on a really interesting show. They continue to play in Seoul and they are a very energetic band to watch live. I asked the band after I returned if they would answer questions and this is what they replied.

the lads

Can you introduce The Lads?

만나서 반가워요. 코리아인디 독자여러분. 저희는 한국에서 활동하고 있는 개러지 록밴드 “청년들”입니다. 낭만을 노래하고, 달러도 벌고 싶어요.

Nice to meet you, koreanindie readers! We are a garage rock band The Lads. We want to sing about romance and earn dollars too.

How would you describe your music?

밤새도록 시끌벅적하게 놀고 마시는 음악. 뭔가 거대한 주제를 무겁게 노래하기 보단, 소소한 일상 따위를 자유분방하게 노래하고 있습니다.

Music that you can be rowdy to all night long. We try to sing something light and modest instead of heavy and serious subjects.

What are your influences?

사운드나 구성 같은 음악적인 부분은 영국음악에서 많이 영향을 받았어요. 하지만 저희 노래에 가장 큰 영향을 주는 것은, 서울이 주는 낭만인 것 같아요. 이 도시위에서 사랑도 했고, 친구들도 만났고, 즐거운 일들을 누렸거든요. 그런 것들이 저희에게 가장 큰 영감을 주죠.

For sound and arrangement, we get influenced by British bands. However, our biggest inspiration is the romance that Seoul gives. We once loved, met great people, enjoy our lives in Seoul, and that is our inspiration.

The Lads only have a demo CD right now, do you plan on recording more music?

조만간 5곡정도 추려서 EP앨범을 녹음할 계획이에요. 아마 5월쯤에는 들어보실 수 있을 겁니다.

We are putting together five songs to record for an EP. It should be ready by May.

How do you write your music?

한 친구가 괜찮은 코드진행이나 기타리프를 가져오면, 합주하면서 곡을 완성시켜나가요. 멜로디까지 완성되면 가사를 붙이기 시작하는데, 가사 쓰는 게 제일 어려운 것 같아요. 만들어 놓은 곡은 100곡정도 되는데, 가사가 없는 곡이 90곡. 가사 씨발.

If someone comes up with a good chord or guitar riff, we play along and over it to complete the song. When a melody is starting to take a form, we start writing lyrics. We have about 100 songs that are made, but 90 of them don’t have lyrics. Fuck lyrics.

What bands are The Lads listening to now?

민혁(베이시스트)이는 요새 힙합 음악을 많이 듣는다고 합니다. 저번 주에 모자도 하나 샀고, 그리고 승규(리드기타/보컬)는 팝음악들을 좋아하고, 조지(리듬기타/보컬)와 해마(드러머)는 세계 인디 밴드들의 노래를 찾아서 듣는다고 합니다.

Minhyuk (Bassist) has been listening to hip-hop these days. He bought a hat a few weeks ago. And the leader guitarist/vocal, Seung Kyu listens to pop, George (Rhythm guitar/vocal) and Hemma (drummer) looks for indie music around the world.

Is there anything you want to accomplish in 2013?

글래스톤베리 페스티벌에서 오후 4시 타임에 공연을 하고 싶어요.

We’d like to perform at Glastonbury Festival at 4pm.

More people outside South Korea are becoming interested in Korean indie music, what do you think of that?

Really? We haven’t really felt it yet so we’re not sure yet.

What do you think of the Korean indie music scene?

케이팝 시장에 비해 시장이 작다보니 관객이 많지 않아요. 좋은 밴드, 좋은 음악은 많은 데 그걸 들어주시는 분들이 적어 안타깝습니다.

Since the market is much smaller than Kpop, the audience is small as well. There are a lot of great bands and amazing music, but it saddens us to think that not many listen to it.

Anything to say to readers?

모두들 새해 복 많이 받고, 사랑 이루시길.

Happy New Year and may you be in love!

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I do think The Lads are band to watch. With their demo, they introduce themselves very well. And with an expected release this May, more official music will showcase the band again.