I’ve listened to Space Youth a lot through shuffle, but always forgot who performed the song. On the five song EP, you get a good taste of indie rock along with addictive melodies on the vocals. There’s a slight reggae groove on “하루살이” which was unexpected because the song doesn’t come across that way at first.

universe youth

On “여름추억,” there’s a much more definite indie rock mixture with British rock influence. The vocals are slightly off-key which adds to the tone of the song. Arrangements of the songs by Space Youth sound simple, but the layering of each melody along with the percussion make each song a lot of fun to listen to.

Space Youth explores other genres on the EP from rock to even an operatic plus rock song that never seems to find the crescendo. It ends without reaching the expected high point. Five songs can present a good amount of different styles and Universe Youth does that very well

The EP is a mix of genres, but he combines them together and makes really interesting songs.

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