YouTube is a great way to sample artist that are otherwise difficult to find. Ultra High Frequency is a perfect example of YouTube discovery. Released in 2012, Ultra High Frequency’s six song EP is a mix of indie pop, rock, and even slight ambient music through the use of synth accompaniment on songs.

uhf ultrahighfrequency

Synth doesn’t play a huge part on the overall arrangement of the songs, but keeps music flowing through each beat. “Bye, Tokyo” is like a throwback indie rock song because of the way the music plays along with the tempo on each beat and the vocals are calm and not strained.

Ultra High Frequency play music like older indie bands, elements of Donawhale and Misty Blue can be heard on certain chord progressions and vocals. On “Twenty,” Ultra High Frequency play a perfect example of how some bands sounded during 2008. It’s interesting to hear a current band playing a similar sound.

Even though Ultra High Frequency use synth in their music, it doesn’t push them into an electro-rock genre. Their EP has a lot of great songs that are reminders of where indie rock was before while adding their own style to the music.

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