e.via being e.via means that she will probably suggest a slightly not-safe-for-minors image in either the song or the music video. Her return on this single after her first release was something I was looking forward to, partially because she has a really good flow from beat to beat and that her energy is always fun.

e.via must have

The focal song on Must Have is “Shake” which focuses on telling listeners to shake various parts of their body. e.via is recognized as being one of the fastest hip-hop vocalists and the single proves that she can speak clearly while hitting every beat. The only disappointing thing is that the speedier verses are a repeat of the first verse.

Still, Shake is an addictive song and a lot of fun with the combination of the beat and her performance. Out of five songs, only three are music with an intro track and an interlude. Her song with Mad Clown is less of a pop single and a better hip-hop song. The final song, “Call Me Up” is a strange instrumental combined with e.via’s verses. It’s a song that sounds like it’s jumping wherever it wants and e.via is just following along.

Must Have was a good return for e.via, but failed to capture all the original energy of her first release. She can still impress with her rhymes, but with so much time between releases, it becomes easy to forget her.

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