Sugar Donut were an early Korean band that I heard when searching for pop punk. The style that the band plays on the album is a perfect combination of pop punk and pop rock. It’s just a fun album that presents upbeat and energetic music with every song. The recognizable elements of pop punk can be found on almost every song like upbeat tempos, quick instrumentals, and vocals that stick closely to the melody.

sugar donut sugardonuts

If you enjoy pop punk, every song is worth listening to. Sugar Donut never seem to take a break on their songs, even with on the bridge of a song. It’s easy to imagine that a live show would have a lot of energy.

Like most pop punk albums, the songs are a bit repetitive. That doesn’t stop Sugar Donut from presenting their songs with great arrangements, but there isn’t a lot of room in the genre to maneuver. But with addictive songs, SugarDonutS doesn’t lack in energy.

Sugar Donut released a good amount of records before seemingly to disappear from the indie scene. Even with an EP released in the last couple years with a more polished sound, they haven’t made a full comeback.

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