After seeing Goonamguayeoridingstella or Goonam (as they go by for the United States), I found a new appreciation for the band. I only listened to them through their more recent album and didn’t really understand the idea of the music of the band.

Goonamguayeoridingstella 우리는 깨끗하다

Now after talking with them, I came to start to understand how they make music. While they are now a set of four, originally the group was just a duo. Making music that is about the melodies and beats, 우리는 깨끗하다 is a lot more interesting especially imaging them play live.

The album still presents a specifically arranged sound with a massive amount of layered tracks on each song. It’s difficult to really hear each one and you have to listen multiple times to hear each one. 우리는 깨끗하다 is a long album with 14 songs, with the average around four and half minutes. But listening, you start to get drawn into the song. Each song being so dense, it is easy to get attached to the vocals, but the instrumentals that surround them are as impressive.

While the style mixes synth with some psychedelics, it’s difficult to describe what exact style that Goonamguayeoridingstella play. It’s really worth hearing the album because it’s different from other indie artists and sounds like they really make music they want to regardless of what people are expecting.

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