The thing about Dringe Augh is that I’ve seen him live before and had no idea who he was. His music is folk-acoustic, favoring an acoustic guitar and his voice. It comes across as simple, but the moment you begin to hear his guitar playing, the music is much more amazing.

dringe augh between the tygh

between the tygh is his album from 2011 with ten songs. His voice is calm and mellow, pronouncing the verses with a simple presentation. It’s even easier to get into his music because he sings lyrics in English and sounds like an artist who could easily make a presence in the United States. With his style being so focused on his guitar and his voice, it’s possible that songs may bleed into each other, but listening through each song, the differences are striking.

While not as engaging as a full band may be, Dringe Augh’s music is a perfect change from other bands that are currently releasing music. His low profile makes it even more special once you start listening to the album. It’s interesting how his music isn’t very orientated to Korean music with his style, but can still engage with ease. His voice is one of the best because it doesn’t strive to overpower the instrumentals which are amazing.

Dringe Augh is an artist that deserves a lot more attention because he makes great songs with the minimum amount of instruments, but makes a huge presence.

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