It feels like early 2013 is when a lot of bands decide to return and Pia is one of those groups. They released Make My Day in December of 2012 so it’s been about three months. 내 봄으로 is another single release containing one original song and two covers of Michael Jackson‘s songs “Beat It” and “Black or White” featuring Jayswing.


While the first song, named after the single title, is a more mellow song from previous songs by the band, it captures the title well. Meaning “About My Spring” the song is less about adding synth and electronica and playing a fast tempo and more about just capturing a lighter tone. It’s a song that fits almost any soundtrack with easy melodies and the keyboards being prominent during the chorus adding a great moving melody in contrast to the vocals. “내 봄으로” isn’t a technical song, but a great inclusion to the band’s overall style.

The second and third song are the two covers. “Beat It” is a more literal cover, just pulling the song into the rock sound that Pia is more known for. Still sung in English, the vocals are understandable and it has a retro 80s feel until the chorus starts when the song take a half-time playing style over the normal tempo.

“Black or White” is another well known song and Pia translate the song a lot compared to the original. It’s a slightly hard rock version plus synth additions along the end of verses. It’s an interesting cover of the song because while the main melody is recognizable with the guitar, the rest of the song sounds different. Add in the guest vocals from Jayswing, the song changes even more. While different from the original, the song is still as interesting as the original.

Pia haven’t released a full-length since Pentagram so it’s good to hear that they’re making music, though it would be nice to hear a complete album soon.

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