Knowing nothing about Reverberation and only the description that they were a rock band, I was curious about what sound the band could have. Their style is interesting having a very slow rock sound that can almost sound like the beginning of post-rock, but featuring vocals. 자각몽 is their full-length from 2004 featuring ten songs.

The music on the album is very slow in tempo, moving from beat with a methodical and determined style. It’s almost as if, the band can’t play much faster. But that does create an atmospheric tone to the music which has some comparison to Mot. It’s not in style, but the way the music presents itself on each song.

Reverberation does show a more standard rock sound on the song “Sunflower,” and shifts tone in the later half of the album. It becomes much more indie rock. The song “동경, 그리고” even has a similar sound to The Bends-era Radiohead. As an album from 2004, it really shows the history of the indie music of the time.

자각몽 is an amazing album from the past that is a precursor to music that is being played today.

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