With a name like Army, I had the impression the band could have been playing hardcore. But “Wild Horse,” the first song on Dora is straight bluegrass and country. It’s sung in English giving the song a much more international feel. It has mellow guitar and a upbeat drumbeat and the energy is a lot of fun.

army dora

Dora is Army’s only release, but the songs are very interesting. “Girl in my Pocket” is like do-wop rock from 1950s mixed with garage rock without the use of distortion. It’s a dance-friendly song that contains a lot of energy complete with harmonica. The bridges that Army makes in their music is impressive going from bluegrass to country to rock to garage rock inside their songs. The trio really have a handle on the music that they want to play and each song is instantly addictive.

“Bang Bang” is another interesting song because it’s country, but doesn’t sound entirely country. Even the addition of violin to add to the melody really makes it sound different.The biggest weakness on Dora is that it only has five songs. I can’t even imagine how a full-length album would sound from the band.

Dora is an amazing release from 2010, it has an ageless tone to the album and the brilliance in the playing is apparent on every song. Unfortunately, Army disbanded and only has this single release.

Army on Electric Muse’s bandcamp.

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