Kim Taechun‘s Animal Hospital Blues is one of the newest releases on Electric Muse’s bandcamp and I thought from the sample I heard, it would be an interesting listen. From the first song “악마와 나,” the music is different from most Korean music I ever listened to. Partially because of the inclusion of the kazoo.

김태춘 kim taechun

Playing what sounds like country or even bluegrass, it’s also described as blues rock which I don’t entirely agree with. The music is really different from what is usually presented through the normal channels to listen to indie music. That makes a lot more fun to hear though because it’s a style that’s not normally presented, but Kim Taechun knows how to play his guitar. The songs are light and simple, the two main instruments are the guitar and kazoo with his voice.

His vocals are a perfect representation of what bluegrass singers present and they come off plainly without any added effects. Animal Hospital Blues has ten songs, but it goes by really quickly. Hopefully there are more musicians who are exploring other genres because it would be amazing to see a collaboration of Kim Taechun along with others to create a full bluegrass/folk band.

Of course, Animal Hospital Blues is not for everyone especially if you’re not fond of bluegrass music. But adventurous listeners will likely enjoy the music. It’s a good sing that musicians in Korea are not sticking with common genres and are moving and becoming masters of different styles.

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