After listening to we hate jh‘s demo from bandcamp, I found the recording to be very raw, but the songs were interesting. demotivation is the next official release from the solo performer and the EP shows off a better representation because of improved recording and mixing.

we hate jh demotivation

From the first song, “demotivation,” the EP is instantly clearer and captures the sound of we hate jh a lot better. The acoustic gutiar comes through clearly and his voice has a clearer tone. At the same time, it does remove some of the raw sound that was found on the demo.

The songs do sound more mature though and as an acoustic guitarist and vocalist, his style is a bit different from other singer-songwriters because he doesn’t seem to focus on extra effects or additional flourishes on his songs and plays directly we hate jh still sounds like full band songs could be very interesting to hear, but his songs especially “loser” are great to hear.

“viscious cirle” is a bonus track that features we hate jh along with a full band and really shows how well his songs can expand with accompaniment. we hate jh sound like a cross between indie rock and folk and each song continues to show an improvement.

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