Williams Town is a newer band that was introduced to me by Anna from Korean Rock is Real when we met for the first time. I wasn’t able to watch the band live, but was able to get a feel for band dynamics over drinks. While I called the night early, I was very interested in listening to the single that was passed on to me.

wiliams town

The single, 중독, only has three songs and one of which is an introduction track. But even with the lack of full songs, there is something interesting when listening to the music of Williams Town. It’s rock, mixed with a small amount of indie rock, grunge, and garage rock to produce an interesting not-so-hard melodic rock sound.

It’s difficult to really tell much about a band from two songs, but Williams Town do a great job of showing off their skills as musicians through the single. I’m hoping to hear more songs from the band, but as a taste of the style, Williams Town could be something really special.

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