Gutz is another band introduced to me by Anna from Korean Rock is Real. I think I may have heard of the name once, but never looked into the music. Seeing them live changed my mind. The band’s style of music is mainly rock with a bit of 70s attitude in the performance.

gutz push

Push was released in 2012, so there is a bit of age in this recording to how they sounded live. I can happily recommend seeing the band if possible. The EP has five songs with the last song “Push” recorded as an English version track. If you are kind of tired of all the different genres of bands, I can say that Gutz is one of the best straight-forward bands to listen to.

“She” is a slower song that allows the sound of the band to creep through the slow tempo and sounds a lot more grunge during the verses and kind of jazz during the chorus. The different presentation is interesting. Push is only a small taste of what Gutz can do and I don’t think it captures the present sound of the band, though it’s a great window into the sound of the band during 2012.

I think Gutz will surprise a lot of people because it doesn’t need to have a lot of additional elements to make the songs interesting. Hopefully the band has more music coming soon.

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