I met J-Tong during Seoulsonic 2K13. He was traveling with the tour, but I don’t know what capacity he participated in. He sent me an email with a link to one of his music videos and I was floored by both the song and the content of the video. His style of hip-hop is kind of strange. He’s like a punk rock hip-hop artist.


His style of delivering vocals is interesting because he varies from flowing over the beat to working between the beats. His album also has collaborations with No Brain and Lowdown 30 which add another style. The collaborations are surprising because the bands all fit well with how he delivers lyrics. Even comparing the No Brain and Lowdown 30 songs, both have different tones because of each band’s style.

모히칸과 맨발 contains ten songs, with a skit and interlude. Each song is a lot of fun because he performs with an abandon that isn’t heard much with more popular hip-hop artists. The album is high energy until you get to “취해 부르는 노래” which is an entire change with a more jazz-influence instrumental and a quieter J-Tong.

After that song, you get to a track with Simon Dominic, Beenzino, and Zion.T showing off the differences in style from each artist. It’s probably one of my favorite songs besides “찌찌뽕.” J-Tong is a strange, but excellent artist and one that deserves more attention.

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