I discovered The Quip when I attended Gage‘s Salon Badabie 2nd Anniversary show practice in November 2012. Kim Jehwa was playing drums in the project band at the time and I came along to see Kim Daeinn from Apollo 18.

the quip almost the same

Jehwa told me who comprised of of the project band and he had mentioned The Quip. I wasn’t able to find their CD when I visited Seoul in 2012, but was able to find it when I returned in April 2013. The band has an interesting sound. A mixture of rock and slight post-rock influences. But it’s hard to really describe if the EP shows off the current sound of the band because it was released in 2010.

Going from songs like “Butterfly Case” to “Custard Pie,” you hear two distinct styles of hard rock to shoegaze. Almost the Same has seven songs which loosely connect to each other. The EP is best heard from start to finish because the overall themes of the music flow between each song.

The Quip’s style reflects parts of Apollo 18, who are the closest band I can think they sound similar to. Hopefully The Quip record more music soon, the seven songs they recorded are not enough to satisfy.

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