I’ve heard a few of Raspberry Field‘s singles and thought they were interesting, but was more focused on listening to the full-length when I heard it was going to be released. The bands style is very indie pop rock with slow tempos and a very mellow vocal style.

raspberry field sweet and bitter

Not to say it is stagnant in the performance, Raspberry Field are excellent musicians. A lot of the songs are sung in English, but with a very Korean song arrangement style. The band’s versatility in styles in also impressive. From indie pop to even alt-country, the band really moves along with melody and designs the song around it.

There are also a lot of similarities to late 90s indie rock that was in the United States in how the band plays verses and the vocals seem to follow an almost separate time signature. It never contradicts the song itself, but is noticeable on some songs.

Raspberry Field is a perfect band for people who enjoy lighter indie pop rock like early Han Heejung or early Taru. It’s refreshing to hear because it’s familiar, but still sounds new.

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