Going back from Gutz‘s Push to their first full-length released in 2010, there’s not a big difference in the music. Even though the releases are two years apart, the band’s style is still recognizable. I’m The Real Wild One is a ten track album and starts off strong with “Someone Like You.” It reminds me a lot of Push in tone.

gutz I'm the real wild one

Moving to the second song with “Painkiller,” a different style comes out. It actually reminds me of Stone Temple Pilots from the late 1990s, but I never really listened to them that much. The vocals are still very melodic and find the right amount of gruffness on the songs that call for it.

I’m the Real Wild one is a great rock album. It doesn’t add unnecessary flourishes to the songs and each song sounds self-contained and polished. There aren’t a lot of bands that I know that play this style that don’t take it really far and become slightly glam-rock. Gutz made addictive songs that are worth listening to on repeat.

After the show I saw in April 2013, it sounds like Gutz is starting to play together more and hopefully that will result in more music very soon.

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