nukie‘s three song single 재갈 is a good example of straight forward rock that is easy to enjoy. Even though the release is short, you can really hear the strength in the style that nukie play.


The band’s style is kind of like 90s rock from the United States with elements taken from older rock. It may sound simple on the surface, but the mixture of the instruments keeps things interesting. From the music, it’s easy to hear that nukie are really playing a style that they enjoy. While “재갈” is the lead single, I’m more fond of “Serenade” which is a bit more simpler.

It has a feeling of the perfect mixture of influences from each member. There is nothing technically difficult, but the feeling that comes from the song is really great. The last of the three songs, “Penguin,” is the transition between 재갈 and Serenade. Even though it comes as the last track on the single, it presents the third voice on the single.

The songs all have a different theme while keeping the core rock style of the band together. 재갈 shows a good variety of the type of music that nukie can compose. While I haven’t heard any other songs from the band, I’m curious on what direction they can go when making more music. There aren’t a lot of straight rock bands, but nukie is a great one to keep on hand.

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