I never heard of Bulldog Mansion before people I knew on Facebook started talking about them. Looking at their history, it looks like the last release was in August 2004. Their return with Re-Building is a mixture of indie pop rock and funk. The first song “The Way” is really different from music that I usually hear. It’s a funk song complete with keyboards and very addictive vocals.

bulldog mansion re-building

“Do You Understand?” is a mix of a pop rock and jazz funk song. It’s interesting to hear how Bulldog Mansion keep a big focus on the energy in their music. Even when the songs take a more muted tone, the vocals continue to keep the song moving.

Re-Building contains five songs that all focus on the core of their funk style and a standout track is “”혼자 사는 남자” because it has a very 1980s pop sound while also mixing in some disco-pop. Bulldog Mansion include elements that have become common with a lot of electro-pop bands, though somehow the band makes these elements seem fresh and interesting again.

Listening to Re-Building, I have to say it’s a lot of fun. Even though the band hasn’t been around for a number of years, the music is great and interesting. The funk style that the band plays is easy to get into and the energy moves from song to song. Hopefully Bulldog Mansion release more music in the future.

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