Going back a bit, I found EE‘s single for Curiosity Kills. The single is really one song with three different remixes. The original song “Curiosity Kills” sounds very much like the regular electronica and synch style that comes from EE. Since the single came out before Imperfect, I’mperfect, this song may have been the first introduction to the duo.

ee curiousity kills

The song actually sounds like a mix between video game chiptune and dance electronica. It is very addictive when listening to beats and the vocals which sound like they are battling each other in the beats.

With the remixes, you get “Curiosity Kills” and “Monkey Defense.” “Monkey Defense” has two versions called Overdrive and Andromeda mix. I’m not sure what the original song sounded like, but each of the remixes is very strange. The Overdrive mix is high speed and frenetic. The Andromeda mix is much more bizarre and sounds very strange, but still interesting to hear in it’s own way.

Curiosity Kills is a good introduction to EE, but doesn’t really explain much of the band. Still if you’re a fan of electronica, EE is a band to listen to for some really interesting songs.

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