Love Letter is Princess Disease‘s release in 2013. I’ve heard the name of the band, but didn’t hear the music until I found the release on bandcamp right before I left for Seoul. The music is very mellow, indie rock. It’s on a similar scale to 10cm on first listen, but it’s also possible to hear some melodies that remind me of Dear Cloud.

princess disease love letter

Overall, Princess Disease really focus on melodic songs. Even when they increase the tempo, like in “Falling in Love” it’s still a song that doesn’t really present huge intensity. If you enjoy pop rock, this is a perfect band. Love Letter has 8 songs, so it’s more of an EP than full album, but you do get to know the band’s particular sound very easily.

It’s difficult to get right into the music of Princess Disease if you’re a fan of other styles, but like some of other bands, this is like coffee shop music. It’s interesting with the song “Kiss Me” because it has a very early 2000s sound in the arrangements and how the vocals flow over the instrumentals.

Not know what to expect from Princess Disease, the music is very distinct. Fans of indie pop rock will enjoy the release. If you enjoy more aggressive styles, it may be difficult to really get into the music.

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