The best description to describe Coreyah is a mixture of traditional Korean music along with folk and elements of funk. The mixture of the styles is interesting because the grooves that are created with different instruments is very similar to Jambinai. Even though each band’s genre is different, taking traditional Korean musical instruments and making contemporary music is impressive.

coreyah whale of a time

The opening song, “Frog,” is a great introducton to the song and the overall style. The second track “The Moroccan Carpet” is an instrumental song that allows each instrument to be heard. It’s almost like a instrument introduction. The core style is folk, a mixture of what sounds like traditional Korean folk mixed with contemporary folk. The contemporary folk has some bluegrass influence, which could be caused by the different string instruments.

Generally the album is primarily one style, but the band does seem to enjoy experimenting a bit with their music and Whale of a Time is really something different. The combination of all the elements makes a very unique sound. If you’re familiar with traditional Korean music, you can hear many of those rhythms.

Coreyah present a style that’s really different, but very interesting. Taking these instruments and making more modern music is impressive because generally there isn’t a strong melodic theme in them. The off melody notes add just as much to each song as the melodic ones. It’s worth taking time to listen to Coreyah because they are an amazing band.

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