Listening to EE, it’s an automatic step into really different music. You may not get really melodies on any song and the arrangements of songs is usually very frenetic. It’s been a while since a new release from EE and UNPRDCTVPRDCT is a continuation of the band’s very strong electro-pop style.


Containing four songs, going into UNPRDCTVPRDCT is dangerous because at first listen it sounds like a hastily combined mashup, but if you give the duo a chance, you can get sucked into the world that the songs present. EE don’t really have a similar band to compare them to, but they have a very independent sound and way of presenting their songs.

It may not even sound like a song at times and most songs require multiple plays to really appreciate their work. At the same time, you may be very disappointed if electro-pop isn’t a preferred style because this is a band that’s really on the outskirts of the genre.

The return of EE with UNPRDCTVPRDCT is appreciated because their crazy style is a lot of fun, but it may be very surprising to a new listener. They are evolving with their music and hopefully they will release music more often.

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