After listening to Oh Hee Jung and realizing that Beautiful Days was a band I listened to in the past, I went back and started listening to their albums again. There is definitely a difference between Everybody Here Wants You Back and 4 in the style because Beautiful Days are much more pop rock.

beautiful days 4

The song “딸기밭 (Strawberry Fields Forever)” is my favorite because it comes across with a very upbeat tempo and showcases Oh Hee Jung’s vocals really well. The energy that the band has on the album is great because their core sound is indie rock, but they are able to interpret that in many different ways.

“Dreamer” is quiet compared to Strawberry Fields Forever, but has a really great bridge. With only 8 songs, it’s hard to consider this as a full album, but the band titled it as their fourth release.

Released in 2012, it was the last release from the band and sounds like a collection of songs that may have not been recorded before. Oh Hee Jung’s voice on every song though is excellent. The instrumentals for each song are different by bringing in separate styles and sometimes extra effects to change how the song is presented.

“붉은 방” is a good example because it includes keyboard synth in the song and gives the music a different feel. While 4 does lack a bit of cohesion from song to song, it’s still an excellent collection of songs. While Beautiful Days is no longer an active band, it’s worth going through their releases because it’s great music.

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