I listened to Soo Kyoung consistently for a couple weeks a long time ago, but the album was eventually lost in another influx on new music. Her style is categorized as folk pop, but I hear a good ballad style in her vocals. “이런 날에” is a good example of that style which also sounds very OST-based.

soo kyung

Soo Kyoung’s voice is good, though a little underpowered on some songs. It sounds like she has a bigger range, but doesn’t take advantage of that. “다 함께 노래해요” is like a “best of” coffee shop indie music. Starting with a sound like 10cm and then add in J. Rabbit, it’s hard to see a singular sound in her style.

Even though ÷ (나누기) is a little uneven in the songs, there are strong songs between the songs that sound more like filler. As in indie pop album, it’s very enjoyable. Her voice is good, but needs to strain itself to make the songs connect more with listeners. It’s a solid listen, but feels safe.

I don’t think that Soo Kyoung is making music that’s safe, ÷ (나누기) was released in 2011 so I’m not sure what she’s done since then. The album is another example of good coffee shop music, and should be perfect for fans of the style.

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