Of all the genres that I enjoy, pop punk is among the top. It’s hard to find it though with Korean bands as many of them have gone into different directions musically. Look and Listen are pop punk as it should be. Simple, straightforward, and full of energy.

look and listen ready to go

Ready to Go isn’t technically advanced containing simple chords and easy-to-follow drumming, but what the band does differently is make songs that are fun. Fun to listen to and fun to enjoy. The album also has a nostalgic sound to it because the songs have the perfect length and there’s no wasted moments or extraneous bridges.

“Give it Up” is one of the best examples of Look and Listen. It’s a great pop punk song that hits all the right moments and maintains tons of energy. There aren’t many bands that I know of who play pop punk, but look & listen crafted a required album for any punk fan.

Listening to Look and Listen will put a smile to you face because the sound of the album is upbeat and positive. If you’ve been missing old school pop punk, this is the band to follow.

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