When I buy music online, there’s usually a chance I’ve never listened to the band before. And considering artist pages on bandcamp are created by the musicians, the amount of information they supply is up to them. When I first saw Mohho Project, I didn’t know anything about her. I didn’t know that she was part of Guten Birds.

But after listening to her album and communicating a little through Twitter, I asked her if she would answer some questions about the new album and her thoughts on music. She was kind enough to answer them and it was really educational about the process one artist goes through to make music.

mohho project

Can you introduce yourself?

I am singer songwriter Mohho and I am also the guitarist/vocal of an alternative rock band Guten Birds.

As a member of Guten Birds, how did you decide to make a solo record?

I felt really frustrated because things just didn’t go as I planned. I just needed something new to comfort myself. I started making songs with my acoustic guitar and I’ve also been doing some gigs with them. And soon after I felt like recording them.

How do you create your songs?

I grab my guitar. Then I look around my room or look out of the window. At times something just pops up in my head while I’m asleep. I record it when I’m half asleep and the next day when I hear it it sounds like crap.

Was it difficult to record the album?

I wanted to release my solo album asap but of course, things didn’t go as planned and I got distracted a lot. So I tried not to rush myself. But intentionally slowing down the process to make something work and getting my plan delayed unexpectedly are totally different. So it just means a lot to me to just have this album out.

Do you have a favorite song?

From my album? “푸념.”

My recent favourite song of other artists is “Take Me Home” of Perfume Genius.

Is there a message you want listeners to get from the album?

Look around your surroundings.

Many musicians release their music through iTunes, why did you decide to use bandcamp?

I simply didn’t know how to register my songs on iTunes. Is it just as easy as bandcamp? I came across another musician’s bandcamp on facebook and it didn’t look too hard. So I gave a try.

Why did you decide to sell a physical CD and tote bag on bandcamp?

I would like to share the symbol of my project visually.

I have many other ideas but tote bag was one of the easiest way to approach the audience. I also have t-shirts but I just didn’t upload them on my bandcamp yet.

To me, making a physical CD when I release my own album is just natural.

How has the response to the album been?

I have been getting two different types of response. For those who knew me only as Guten Birds’ vocal/guitarist, my album was simply surprising for the very different characteristics of the album. But in general, the response has been positive. I didn’t do any promotion/advertising but I’ve got few fans who support my project, which I’m thankful for. I find it really funny though that many people are frightened by the image of the cover.

What do you think of more international interest in Korean music? Do you see this as positive or negative?

Korean popular music, the so called “K-pop” music has been really big. But it seems the popular idol bands from big major labels have been spotlighted. I don’t think that the love for K-music applies to K-indie music.

The reality for Korean indie musicians is really tough here in Korea. That’s why I started bandcamp. I’m part of Korean musician gathering, Musician Union. It is a soon to be official. We come up with ideas to fight for our rights as musician and to be able to make living with our music.

Anything to say to readers?

Mohho keeps playing.

Mohho Project on Facebook.
Mohho Project on Twitter.
Mohho on Project bandcamp.

My eyebrows don’t want to be warm is one of my favorite albums of the year. The songs and tones that come from each of the songs is enchanting and well worth the purchase online to listen to. While I’m not sure of future recordings from Mohho Project, it will be interesting to keep watch in how she progresses in her solo work.

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