I like a lot of Korean hip-hop, but Bizniz has to be in my top three. His verse delivery and energy on his songs is always fun to listen to. Ego is an early release and shows the youth in the instrumentals and how the lyrics are spoken.

bizniz ego

Ego does lay the groundwork for later albums when Bizniz polished his style. But the songs on Ego are some of my favorite in the genre. From the first song “Rebirth (I’m a Hustler)” Bizniz presents himself openly. Mixing English and Korean in the song, it’s the perfect introduction to the album.

As the album progresses, the instrumentals on the songs are amazing. Bizniz’s style of vocals is sitting on the front of the beat and moving within the beat. He emphasizes at the end of verses a lot, but can jump back into the beat quickly always keeping the flow of the song constant.

There are so many great songs on Ego and it’s hard to pick a favorite. Listening to the album from the first to last song is very easy. The flow of the album with the song selection is perfect because there isn’t ever a big downtime and even the slower songs are still addictive.

A song to definitely listen to is “History (A Decade of K-Hip Hop)” where is sounds like he goes from artist to artist in the genre. I don’t know how he moves from verse to verse so easily, but it’s one of the best songs. If you’re looking for guests, The Quiett, San E, Swings, and Jinbo makes appearances among others.

I wish I heard Ego earlier when listening to Korean hip-hop because this is the perfect introduction for someone who has never listened to the style.

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