A name like Mood Salon makes me think of an indie rock band. Mood Salon destroy that thought with the first song on Open Salon’s Door. It’s a mixture of ska, big band, jazz pop, and indie rock. The female vocals push the tempo as other instruments follow. “서울의 아가씨” serves as the introduction to the release, it’s probably one of the best.

mood salon open salons door

The band does move into different territory with “이젠..” bringing a jazz club theme into the music. The slow tempo creates a lot more ambiance to the music and the vocals move to a lower key. After listening to more of the songs, I assume that Mood Salon is comfortable with all the styles they play and infuse a bit of punk into their music when they choose.

Instrumentals on the album are my favorite songs because they allow the band to present a range of styles “Royal Bent Flush” mixes ska and jazz together in an amazing instrumental.

Open Salon’s Door is an amazing album. At the same time, the band isn’t afraid of moving laterally in their music to present something different. I thought Mood Salon had a different sound, but I’m glad I was wrong.

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