As I wait for we hate jh to release new music online, I’m curious how he will evolve from release to release. On Middle Ground, it is definitely a different presentation. With only two songs, we hate jh manage to change his sound very quickly.

we hate jh middle ground

The biggest change is that there is a band backing his songs. The second is that the tempo of his songs increased substantially. He’s moved from solo singer-songwriter songs to indie rock. While he still uses an acoustic guitar, his backing band sounds more customary with electric bass and a well recorded drum kit.

What didn’t change is his emotion that comes through the songs as he sings. “Vicious Circle” is much faster than previous songs and actually sounds a bit like early Dashboard Confessional from the US. The other song, “Fatigue,” also carries the same style as “Vicious Circle” with a fast tempo that is lead by the lead guitar. The change in his style is impressive because he transitioned from his slower songs on his demo to a full backing band.

Even with two tracks, we hate jh is moving forward very quickly. He’s expanding his songs and there is definite progression in his ability. I’m curious to see what the next release will sound like now.

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