It’s been a while since I listened to Fantastic Drug Store‘s EP. Returning to their music with Dance With Me, I remember why I liked the band. The energy that is captured through recording is impressive. The band plays rock music, but it depends on the song what kind of influences it uses.

fantastic drug store dance with me

“Doridori” is a fast tempo rock song with Latin influences. It also slightly sounds like older My Chemical Romance which is a strange combination. One of the biggest features is the vocals and how they guide the song. While the band plays excellent instrumentals, in Fantastic Drug Store, a lot of the rhythms seem to follow along with the vocals.

“Tonight” has similar elements to Monkeyz songstyle. With all these bands contained in the same area it wouldn’t be surprising for styles to mix a bit. But the band really makes ‘Tonight” their song. As you play through the album, Fantastic Drug Store infuse all the songs with a lot of energy.

Dance With Me is a proper title to the album because it’s full of high energy and amazing tracks. They seem to have released a lot of music within a short amount of time and I’m not sure what they’re doing now, but it should be interesting to see their growth over time.

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