Every Single Day have been relatively quiet since their 2011 release Moment. They did release some OST songs and a single before 구름다리, but it’s been a long time since an official EP.

The EP reintroduces the band and their style of indie pop rock. The first track, “Yes, I’m in Love,” is a perfect introduction because of the upbeat tempo and really strong melodies in the instrumentals. It’s a perfect Summer song. Containing five songs, the EP proves that it can show all of the abilities of the band.

every single day

“나에게 기대어” is a slower melodic song that is the opposite of “Yes, I’m in Love,” but contains all the same elements. It’s one of the strongest songs. For people who don’t know Every Single Day, they started releasing music in 1999 with the majority of their albums in the mid-to-late 2000s.

The return in 2013 is a refreshing restart with how clean the music they produce is. It doesn’t sound like there is a lot of use of after effects, and each guitar strum sounds very clean. Even when distortion is used, it doesn’t overpower the vocals which has the focus of each song. Every Single Day play an almost melodic-ballad style because the vocals seem to have a slower tempo than the instrumentals.

Their previous single “낮잠 (Feat. 우희 of 달샤벳)” that released right before the EP is also included and 우희 of Dal Shalbet fits well with the tone of the song.

While a little short, 구름다리 is a great return for Every Single Day. Each song is arranged in a great way and the style of the band is refreshing. Hopefully Every Single Day will return with more music soon.

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