I saw that Veins released an EP online so I decided to take a listen. Glass Tower was a surprise with the energy and commanding vocals from the first song “Bass.” Described as indie rock on Bugs! I find the band more of an alternative rock band. The songs are slightly aggressive and the tempos keep the energy high.

veins glass tower

The five songs on the EP are great though. “Moth” has a slight gothic tone on the verses, but overall the song is the perfect first single. The vocals are melodic and the lower tone of the vocals add to the song. The style that Veins play isn’t new and sounds familiar, but the energy that the band has gives the music its independence.

With five songs, Glass Tower does have the weakness of sounding a little repetitive and there are definitely songs that sound stronger than others. “Luck” is one of the songs that is hidden because it comes after “Moth” and has as much energy, but sounds weaker compared to the previous song. As its own standalone single, “Luck” could be the stronger song.

Veins have the perfect combination of style and ability to create some mesmerizing songs. The five songs on Glass Tower make me want to hear more from the band and other songs that might not be recorded yet. The potential of the band can easily be heard on the EP.

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