I found Les Sales though YouTube and a cover of Elvis‘ “Hound Dog.” I thought the energy of the band was really interesting so I looked on Facebook for a band page.

les sales

From there I was directed to their homepage where they had their four song demo available for free. Listening through the demos, I find the style and energy of the band really positive. The upbeat rock music they create is fun to hear and even though the songs are demos, they capture the band really well.

“You didn’t miss the dial” is my favorite song among the four. It pull a contemporary rock with a fusion of 1950s style rock at the same time. The result is a new sound that also sounds very familiar. The demo has a lot of great moments and it would be awesome to hear the band recording an official release.

Les Sales slow the tempo with “C8love.” Sung with dual male/female vocals the back-and-forth conversational style is really interesting to hear. Midway through, the song speeds up a little and it’s easier to hear the rawness of the demo but the song is one of the strongest. Considering this is a demo, I feel like there’s elements of the band that haven’t been captured.

Demos are always fun to listen to because you hear songs before they are “polished” but Les Sales really have a lot of talent that deserves more attention.

Les Sales on Facebook.
Les Sales on Twitter.
Les Sales on soundcloud.
Les Sales site.

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