Exploring around Kim Taechun, I found Haheonjin. Playing a very direct blues style, Last Summer is a seven song album. The first track, named after the release, is full of a flowing and emotional voice along with some precise guitar playing and picking.

haheonjin last summer

He really lets the guitar speak along with the vocals and his style is very apparent from the first fifteen seconds. It’s very easy to get entranced by the songs because while it’s only him and the guitar, the layering of the guitar and voice is excellent.

Blues isn’t a style that I’m fully educated on, not knowing exactly how songs are arranged, but a blues or folk fan will likely find a lot of enjoy with Last Summer. It’s a little difficult to tell, but it sounds like he’s playing a straight 4/4 time signature, but isn’t constrained by the necessity of the timing.

Last Summer is a great blues album that wasn’t easy to find, but I do know that his style and ability are impressive. Even though it’s a short release with seven songs, there’s more than enough to enjoy through multiple listens.

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