I didn’t realize I’d heard Human Race before I saw a live performance video. The melodic pop rock style of the band is very compelling, even from “April,” the first song. While not exactly low-key, the style of Human Race reminds me of sections of a lot of other bands. But even with the combination, Human Race have a distinct sound.

human race it's you

On “숨” the introduction melodies reminded me of early Nell, but once the vocals start, it jumps into a different place. The vocals are full-bodied and melodic. They fit the style of the song perfectly with a ballad-like half-time chorus. Much of the time, the instrumentals seem to follow the vocals

Released in 2012, It’s You has the ability to sound ageless. The music fits a lot of different moods and the song “It’s You” is one of the most engaging songs I’ve heard. It has the perfect catch at the chorus that makes you want to sing along.

It’s You contains five songs. As a sampler it make you want more music to hear more. But it captures all the elements of the band perfectly and I’m waiting for something new. The ability that Human Race has to capture specific themes so perfectly is excellent.

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