Returning with a four song EP, it feels like it’s been a long time since I’ve heard anything new from Eastern Sidekick. Their signature sound is still consistent and it doesn’t sound like they’ve lost their focus. “Sloppy Night” is a good re-introduction to the band as it features a lot of the key markers.

eastern sidekick hammer lane

The vocals are still slightly hoarse while maintaining melody. The band is also consistent and Hammer Lane sounds like a continuation of their full-length. “Teeth and Sweat” the song that will draw most listeners. The pulsing tempo defined by the lead guitar and vocals creates grooves that come in consistent waves.

There’s a little aspect of small o (which members are also a part of) in “Seoul.” It actually fits both bands, like a crossroads. The low key nature makes it one of the best on the EP. It’s sad that Hammer Lane only presents four new songs. But even with the limited songs, the style of Eastern Sidekick is still easily recognizable.

Hammer Lane feels like a preview of the music Eastern Sidekick is currently writing. Whether they will release another album soon is unknown, but they have an addictive sound and their live performances are some of the most engaging.

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