To describe Scomic Strip in a genre, I would have to say post-rock. It’s like listening to Modsdive, Romantiqua, and other bands in the genre, but remains in a laid-back pace and tempo. The album doesn’t elevate itself much higher in volume either.

scomic strip_cover

Scomic Strip is ambient in the sense that there are limited vocals and the instrumentals are very centered in melody through the guitar. It’s an album that sounds like it could have been released almost at any time. The agelessness of it is one of the charms.

The first song with vocals is “Sun-mool.” Actually Scomic Strip reminds me a lot of Seam and ee (from the United States). Songs are simple on the surface, but the restraint taken on each song is interesting. The band sounds like it could be playing much more complicated music quite easily and the way they choose to have this style is interesting.

Scomic Strip’s style may not be immediately as interesting as other post-rock bands, but they do have an album that fans of the genre will enjoy listening to. The talent of the band is apparent and it shows on every song.

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