I enjoy listening to Morrie at different times. Her music is really good indie pop, but it doesn’t speak to me all the time. It contains a smaller segment of my library, but when I do listen through an album I enjoy it a lot. The album is her English language album.


Her voice is really great on each song and captures the light tone she is able to present. Her English pronunciation is also excellent and it’s very easy to understand. She does add elements of other styles on other songs. “Lullaby” is very jazz pop which is a difference from “One Fine Day.”

Don’t Listen To This Music If You Are Happy isn’t overly complicated, but the songs are fun and the variety really flows well. Morrie’s voice still sounds a little constrained and held back which is the only problem. Songs sound like they could benefit from a slightly stronger vocal push. Still, she has a pleasant voice to listen to and it carries the melody very well.

Morrie is an artist that pops up here and there, but I haven’t heard much new music from her last album. I do think she can go in a lot of different directions and her voice can carry well. The indie pop she presents on the album is still good and it’s a great introduction because she sings each song with English vocals.

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