Listening to Haheonjin again with his six song fourth album originally released in November 2012, it’s a great return to the blues genre. As I explore more of the other genres within Korean music, the musicians who perform and arrange blues songs are among those that impress me the most.

haheonjin oh

Oh is a straight blues album featuring Haheonjin’s guitar and vocals. All of the songs sound like one-take recordings to capture the emotion and style. “나와 함께 해” has the biggest feeling of what most people expect from blues music with slide guitar and a “lazy” addiction to the beat. This allows Haheonjin to move from verse to verse at his own tempo.

All of the blues musicians I’ve discovered from Korea all play with a core style that connects them all which is excellent. They all have an individual sound, but it’s easy to move to another to hear another interpretation. Haheonjin sounds like he plays a more upbeat blues style.

Even though Oh is short, the release has enough captivating moments that makes it worth repeating the album. “난 뭐든 좋아” is my favorite song on the album and it’s one that I go back to consistently. While I don’t know much about the blues genre, I can appreciate the music that Haheonjin has released.

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