Given that I thought 옥상달빛 was called Dalmoon for about 8 months and finally realized the real name, I found out that the duo would have a new album released while I was vising Seoul. I picked up the album, but forgot about it among my massive new collection of CDs that I picked up.

oksang dalbit where

Where picked up right after previous releases. The only major difference is that the duo expanded on their sound. It’s not as simple and features more instruments and a wider spectrum of sound. They continue their indie pop sound with no problems and the vocals are still very melodic over each of the songs.

They’ve honed their sound and over the eleven songs, there aren’t any surprised. The signature of the dual vocals can’t be mistaken for any other band and Where is a great indie pop album. IF you liked 옥상달빛 before, you’ll enjoy Where.

If anything, Where has a more professional sound on each song. The extra elements add a deeper sound which never moving away from the style that the band performs so well. It might be easy to miss 옥상달빛’s album, but it’s one that’s worth finding because the calm that is contained within each of the tracks is excellent.

Where is a fun album to listen to on lazy days because the music fits perfectly. If you’ve never heard the band, Where is a good place to start, but finding the older releases is recommended.

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