I’d only heard a few songs by Fromm before I saw that she released a full-length album. Arrival is a different, but recognizable indie rock album. With her voice I would have thought that she would have a much more lighter and mellow indie pop album, but I was surprised with every song.

fromm arrival

It’s a bit like Yozoh‘s album, but has a lot of similarities with American indie rock. Songs like “Don’t Play With My Heart” and “Like You” sound like they could have come from the United States. Every song on the album is entrancing. Even when she has a more recognizable “Korean” sound, it still carries a new tone to it.

Fromm’s album is a surprise because I wasn’t expecting songs that sounded much more international than from Korean indie rock. The arrangements on every song is exceptional and it’s easy to go through the entire album without realizing it. Her voice carries some weight and hits all the right melodies in each song. A song that is a must listen is “Moon Says” because it really lets her voice explore a lot of different moments.

Arrival is a surprise because there isn’t a lot of music that’s directly by Fromm. This album shows that she has the talent and ability to create really great songs. Arrival is the perfect companion to Yozoh, Oh Hee Jung, and Mohho Project, created a trio of great releases that match each other perfectly.

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