Lucid Fall is a musician that I’ve heard on-and-off, but the music hasn’t really sat in the front of my playlists. The newest album, Flowers never say., is a light and mellow indie album. It hits that “coffee house” style where it’s pleasant to hear, but unless you are focusing on the music, it can get lost in the background.

lucid fall flowers never say

But every song on the album is fun to hear. His voice is melodic and fits each song perfectly, though sometimes the vocals can get covered by the instrumentals. Many of the songs have a very minimalistic theme with the arrangements focusing on his voice and guitar. Songs are expanded with the help of Antenna Music Studio and Audioguy Studio with piano and strings added to various songs.

Flowers never say. is very much a self-release with all the songs written and produced by Lucid Fall. The songs are perfect morning songs because they are like hints for the rest of the day. I can imagine the album being a lazy Sunday album.

If anything Flowers never say. is a return of laidback music that has been missing slightly among musicians. A lot of bands are going for bigger sounds, but Lucid Fall’s album is excellent with the more intimate sound that’s presented. Considering it’s been two years since his last album, it’s great to hear that he’s still creating music.

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