Music for Dorothy is a collaboration album between Korea’s sima kim and Japan’s american green. sima kim is originally from South Korea, but studied musicology and is influenced by western classical and contemporary music. That makes his music a bit more international in scope. Music for Dorothy is a collaboration so it’s difficult to tell how much is his work and how much american green took part, but overall the release is very interesting.

sima kim american green music for dorothy

Listening to some of his other releases, it’s easier to hear the classical influence in the music. This release is a bit more mellow electronica pop, chillout, and indie pop as it’s described. There are guests on songs like Linda Ong, lux, and Masato Abe; all of whom I have never heard of, but they do add some interesting additions to each song.

“Can I come by Tonight” is the song that features Masato Abe and I’m assuming he’s providing the vocals on the song. It’s one of the most entrancing songs I’ve heard in a long time, probably since I first heard Yukari. While I’m hesitant to describe Music for Dorothy as magical, it reminds me of why I like the experimental side of the electronica genre. You can go in so many directions to make music and while it may use the same physical equipment, the results differ dramatically.

Even though the release has six songs, they are all dense. Dense meaning that there are layers of music and most of them are missed behind the main melody. But listening through the EP again, I heard a wider range of sounds behind the melody that add small, but amazing touches to each song.

Don’t expect fast tempos on Music for Dorothy because they don’t exist. Each song is a slow walk from beat to beat and verse to verse. It ultimately sounds like an amazing movie soundtrack, but stands alone. While this is a collaboration album, the possibilities of other songs by sima kim have me curious. His influences are a bit different from other artists I’ve heard and his music does have a unique quality I find appealing.

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