The first song on E-Visor‘s Space Coaster is called “Swamp of Mermaid” and it sounds like a rock version of a Final Fantasy song. Having seen the music video for “Maze” I thought that the duo had pulled an amazing trick on my ears. Thankfully, that introduction track isn’t the core style.

e-visor space coaster

Describing E-Visor is essentially really good electro-pop. It’s danceable, club friendly, and carries excellent melodies. Moving from “Maze” to “Spectrum” and I feel like the band creates some very addictive music. “Spectrum” is an operatic-sounding electro-pop song. With the vocals reminding me of Yaya, “Spectrum” is a very strong song.

“A Long Day” is back to “Maze” territory with a upbeat electro-pop song. I really enjoy the vocals on Space Coaster because they match the instrumentals very well. It has a unique voice that gives an individual sound and it’s going to be easy to recognize that this is E-Visor compared to other bands.

The EP is great for travelling because it contains a lot of energy. “Bassist” is the perfect song for commuting with its pulsing bass beat and synth that surround the melody. I do enjoy that both the vocal and instrumentals get equal footing on every song so one isn’t overpowering the other.

E-Visor’s EP is perfect for parties and any day you might need a pick-me-up with music. The seven songs provide enough music and I’m interested to hear what the duo sound like live. I’m sure they can get the crowd moving.

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