Not to say it as a negative, but Be Sweet’s New Folder is the kind of indie pop that I expect. Her voice is light and sits in higher octaves. But even with these recognizable aspects, she still presents good songs.

be sweet new folder

At times, I feel that New Folder plays it too safe. While Be Sweet might favor creating melodic pop songs, I think that she could really impress with expanding her sound a bit. “Suddenly” is a small sample that hints at a stronger voice, but doesn’t use it throughout the song.

But New Folder is still an excellent album that favors all her strengths. It doesn’t fall into the problem of songs becoming repetitive and the simpler songs that feature her voice and guitar are compelling. Be Sweet’s second album progresses from her first song, which is excelllent.

Be Sweet’s New Folder is a good album, even though it’s a little safe she has presented great songs that capture the emotion in her voice. She has great vocals on every song, but hopefully she’s able to expand her themes a little more.

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