Rock’N’Roll Radio is one of those bands that’s appeared on a lot of YouTube videos. With the release of Shut Up and Dance, their sound is now available to be devoured without pausing. The band is definitely a rock band mixing in grooves and layered vocals that play on multiple octaves. The introduction track “Red Moon” only presents a surface level introduction that’s finally fully shown through the fourteen songs.

rock'n'roll radio shut up and dance

The band don’t play straight forward rock, but have very developed and layered songs that are directed by the vocals. On many songs, the vocals are the key feature and the instrumentals spend most of the time finding ways to highlight them. “낸들 어쩌겠어요” is a perfect example of this. “Mr.” is another song that uses the same technique. The vocals provide the tempo and other instruments fill in the gaps. It works without any problems on Shut Up and Dance.

The album title is a perfect description of the songs. They are danceable tracks. One of the interesting facets of the songs is that the drums don’t always simply provide a backing beat, but provide its own voice on the verses. When the chorus approaches, the drums fill out spaces where the guitar and bass don’t need to play.

One of my favorite tracks is “One Week” because it has a simple presentation that’s betrayed by how much is happening with all the instruments. The bass separates itself from the guitar and has its own voice and the guitar accents the exterior of the song.

Rock’N’Roll Radio present a lot of music with their full-length and just about every song is fun to listen to. It’s hard to say that there’s a weak song, but certain songs may speak to listeners differently. Their core style may be rock, but the technique is above the simple 4/4 time signature with guitar and bass simply copying each other. For a first full-length, Rock’N’Roll Radio have an impressive album that listeners can appreciate.

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