Finding Haliban on bandcamp, I took a quick listen through some of the tracks. While I wouldn’t consider it really folk, it’s more of a simple singer-songwriter style. The actual recording of the album sounds very do-it-yourself like he recorded the songs with a minimal setup.

haliban memory

The simplicity of the songs like “Let Me In” really show off the skills of Haliban even with the sparse recording. He sings in both Korean and English and mixes the two within songs without a lot of problems. Haliban has a very impressive tone to his voice and creates a great compelling sound.

Memory does explore some folk songs like on “Run for Dream” and I think these are the strongest tracks. I’m curious how he recorded his songs because the minimal style really adds to the atmosphere of his music.

Exploring more musicians who use just a guitar and their voice, Haliban is an excellent example. His guitar skills are great and it sounds like he really knows how to create and arrange interesting songs. I’m curious to know what he’d sound like with a full backing band.

Haliban on bandcamp.

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